Help to deform surface

Hi, i’m need help to deform a surface in grasshopper, in attachment have a archive of grasshopper and rhino, in rhino have a surface deformed, i want replicate this shape in grasshopper parameters, but i dont getting, someone can help me in this case? if yes, i thanks !!

In attachment have some pics to help them.

Pavilhão 2.3dm (97.0 KB) Pavilhão (4.6 KB)

Pavilhão 2.3dm (97.0 KB)

Hi @cayaroh,

Is there a reason for not just importing the surface from Rhino to Grasshopper?
Is the shape meant to drop off at the bottom (Does it deform in both directions?)
If it is only in one direction, you could create a set of points and interpolate to create a curve then extrude it.
Otherwise you would need to place a large array of points and use the Surface from points component.

So, i want to fold the surface in grasshopper and no in rhino, because,
I want to be independent her, make all things in grasshopper, know? i think is possible, right?

I don’t undestend you message, could you please explain again?

If you want it to change only in the xz direction:

Your choice on the types of sliders going into pt construct and values.

If you want to deform two directions, you could do the following:

double (12.0 KB)

You have less control of the shape in grasshopper and so I really would recommend drawing the curves in Rhino and then importing it.