Question: ways to deform a surface

Hi everyone!

I really need your help now. As you can see in the first image, I have a plane surface, but I need to deform it when it comes to a higher ground. I haven’t found a code to do this kind of deformation in a plane surface, and I’d like it would be as smoothly as possible, like the draw in the second image.

I’m newbie at grasshopper, I’d be so thankful if you can help me! Thanks!

deformar superfície|690x352


Can you give it a go yourself first? Maybe use the sweep component with a rectangle profile.

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Build the plane surface from lofted lines, attractor pulls those lines up to deform the lofted surface. Move the attractor surface & falloff graph to get the result desired. (9.3 KB)

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Ah - I didn’t see your big red surface, thought the blue surface was all of it :see_no_evil:

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So instead of starting with lines to build the deform surface, start instead with points then an interpolated curve through those points then a lofted surface from those curves. Lets you deform the surface in two directions.
surface deform with (9.6 KB)

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Thank you, Ftzuk! I’ll try to adapt my surface based on these points that you’ve put. I really hopes it works.