HELP! Rhino6 Arctic view objects turn transparent with rendering material

Hi guys,

I’m using Rhino 6.20 and V-Ray 4.00.01. When I change the Object material display to Rendering Material for Arctic Display Mode, the object turns somehow transparent/translucent while the material in V-Ray is set to be 100% opaque. Never encountered this before. Anyone know how to solve this?



Hi Robert - If I understand you correctly, I’m not seeing that here.
Do you also get this when you disable V-Ray and use a Rhino material?

Yup that is known issue.
Sometimes helps if you zoom in to and object select it, turn off rendered view and turn on.

It seems that VRay has some nasty stuff from these previews to preventing loading python code…

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Could you please download and install the latest V-Ray update (4.20.01) and see if this resolves the issue?

If the issue persists, could you please share the project with us so we can investigate in detail? If this is alright, please send us an archived copy (V-Ray > Pack Project) to via email or a file-sharing service of your choice.

Kindly be informed that we were unable to reproduce the issue in our environment!

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Hi Georgi,

I installed the latest VRay and it did solve the problem. Thanks!