HELP: rhino viewport will not refresh


This is befuddling: My rhino viewport will not update. All it shows is a blank black screen. I suspect this is a graphic problem because the geometry load fine: it will show when I render.

The viewport does work in safemode, but I can’t troubleshoot the cause of this so it works in normal mode. The following has already been done:
-All external plugins (e.g. Neon) have been unloaded.

Has anyone experienced this problem? What can I do to fix it.

Just a few questions…
Has it just started doing that? Or is this a new installation on a new PC?
Does it do that when you put all viewports to wireframe mode?
I’m not sure how many viewports you are using but does it do that if you e.g. maximize one and have no others?
Does it do that on just one particular file? If so, how big is it? Can you share the file? If not, can you isolate one object that causes this?

Hello- the first thing to do is update the video drivers and see what happens after that. If you are running Parallels or other similar software on mac hardware (as opposed to Bootcamp) there may not be much that can be done though. What is the video card on the machine?


This is a long shot, but I had a refresh problem and it turned out to be my Space Pilot 3D navigator. Apparently, it got ‘bent’ and kept telling Rhino that I was not done moving, so ‘don’t refresh the viewport.’

The fix was to go into the Space Pilot and click on 'Calibrate." Fixed!

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Hi All,

seems the problem was an openGL issue - probably old drivers. the temporary fix was to turn off openGL. its an office computer so i dont have admin rights to change that for now… cest la vie