Problem after compile script

i have example script wich doesnt work after useing rhinocompiler. i would be appreciated your help to solve this problem.

You probably need to store your modules in a location where Rhino can find it. See also this thread

That or add scriptA also to your list of commands.

Thanks for quick reply
Indeed, I have two scripts which works in editor but after compiling with rhino compiler to rhp no command of script A and Script B works

Have you tried one of the above options? Does it work in that case?

It might be a limitation of how the script compiler is currently designed. Maybe @stevebaer can enlighten us.

Scripts run in editor mode even alone
But after compile with rhino compiler that converts to rhp and install rhp, once the commands are executed and after re-running the program no longer work

The script compiler does not currently support scripts used as libraries (modules/packages); sorry.

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