Plugin as Compiled Python Software

Hi all, working on a rather large plugin for Rhino written in python. I have had experience using the Rhino Python compiler here:

However, this compiler does not support importing of other python files.

As of now I am trying to create the plugin (or essentially a single command) inside a single python file but it gets crowded and hard to organize. I would like it if I was able to define classes seperately and call them from a main .py file.

Ive thought about using a seperate compiler, but I didnt know how I could get this to speak to Rhino. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

@stevebaer or @dale can you help here?

Our script compiler is pretty lame when it comes to situations like this. Unfortunately I don’t have any good suggestions for a fix either.

Our script “compiler” simply embeds the scripts in a plug-in and doesn’t perform any real compilation. I’m not sure how to include these other scripts without unpacking them to some temporary location on disk.

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