[Help] Polyline exact dimension weird behavior, changed setting?


Recently I managed to somehow change a setting or something along those lines to disable some line behavior to do with typing in the length I want.

For example when making a polyline I may want it to be 6 feet long. I start the polyline type 6 and then click. This would normally create a 6 foot line, however recently it’s no longer doing this, I have attempted to look through my changed settings to no avail and I have no idea what setting to look for, any ideas?

Here is a video illustrating my issue: example video
Steps I did in this video are the same as my description. You can see the line preview get shorter to reflect me typing in 6, but when I click to confirm that position it places the line where I clicked instead of how it’s previewed to be.

This is not typical behavior for rhino, as I’ve said before. I think that I have just somehow changed a setting somewhere and I don’t know what it is.

Hello - please get the latest release of Rhino, there is a ‘hot fix’ 7.4 that fixes this problem…



Great! Thank you.