Apply a Lunchbox diamond pattern to a squared non regular surface

Hi everyone. I’m trying to figure out how to apply the diamond pattern in the picture not only to a single surface but to more surfaces at the same time with continuity. It’s important that the pattern works until the first part (I put a panel on the .gh file) but if it works also on the second part it would be perfect.

Diamond Pattern.3dm (87.5 KB) Diamond (166.0 KB)

See this thread: Avoiding gaps on surface morph


I’m trying a different route since I see that working on a surface that enroll on many direction could be bad for my case. I explode my object and apply my pattern as a multiple surface only on yz plane (I will do this operation for every plane and then join in Rhino). The problem now is that when i divide my surface with lunchbox diamond panels it divides every surface standalone for the same amount of uv. There is a way to treat these multiple surfaces as a single one? (also projecting all faces on a plane and then merge them on Rhino could be fine for me)

What I mean is that panel’s measures on the red back wall are fine and they should be the same on the two in front

Object.3dm (271.5 KB) (172.2 KB)

If they are all on the same axis why not just make a bounding box around them all, select the face of that box in the same axis, do the pattern there and project back to the surfaces and split them.

Panel (14.0 KB)

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Well this is nice, thanks man. Unfortunately I’m not able to make it work with the original file. When I conncet my Surface trim to the Surface split (or to any othe component) you’ve created the points still splits in relation to any single surface not as a single big one. I try also to use project point component but without good results. What I’m trying to achive is that the panels with the four holes are evenly distributed across the various surfaces.