Help moving objects along the Z plane

Very new to scripting but have been using rhino for over 10 years now. Im working through building out simple geometry to try to gain a better understanding of Python and scripting.

Below is a copy of the script i have right now which just draws a circle and a square but i want to try to move the circle up the Z axis, and anyone help me out with the syntax to do so?

import Rhino
import scriptcontext
import System.Guid
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

plane = rs.WorldXYPlane()
rs.AddCircle( plane, 5.0)

def DoSomething():
plane = rs.WorldXYPlane()
width, height = 10.0, 10.0

rc = AddRectangleFromCenter(plane, width, height)
if rc:
    curve = rc.ToNurbsCurve()

def AddRectangleFromCenter(plane, width, height):
a = plane.PointAt(-width * 0.5, -height * 0.5 )
b = plane.PointAt( width * 0.5, height * 0.5 )
rectangle = Rhino.Geometry.Rectangle3d(plane, a, b)
if isinstance(rectangle, Rhino.Geometry.Rectangle3d):
if rectangle.IsValid:
return rectangle


Dear Thomas - did you check those really great resources:

The Rhino Phyton Primer is great point to start.

and those samples:

here is a simple example to move any object

but depending on your needs, you might want to draw the circle already at it s final position:

hope that helps, kind regards, -tom