Ghpy: cannot move a Plane object

Hi all,

I want to move a plane object within a Python script.

However, rs.MoveObject throws this error:

Runtime error (PythonException): The <type 'Vector3d'> cannot be tranformed. A Guid or geometry types are expected.

As you can see from the screenshot, I’ve defined the input as Plane object. If I change it to other types, the move command works fine, but then the script doesn’t output a plane anymore, and some important plane properties are lost…

Any ideas?

That method is to move rhino objects (i think), that is why it is expecting a guid (a reference id of the actual geometry on rhino).

Instead, use:

a = p


import Rhino
a = p

You can also just set its origin directly:

I didn’t know rhinoscriptsyntax is for Rhino geometry only. Although it kinda makes sense, given its name… :slight_smile:

Thank you both for the useful replies!