Help me with Twisting Ropes

Hi, I want to twist ropes and check what the feature will be.
This is the first step to start my form finding process and I’m currently using Kangaroo2 in order to simulate this type of deformation. Though, I have trouble with making gh script.

I want to simulate twisting two ropes, but it seems mesh collision between two ropes is not enough as what I expected. As rotation continues, mesh collapses and penetrate each other…
I’m really lost…Plz help!!!

Here’s my current gh file I made.
20240527 Rope (21.1 KB)

I was hoping someone more skilled than I would chime in (I know I’ve seen amazing examples of knot-tying done by @DanielPiker in the past). But here’s a crude attempt, using curves instead of meshes). It fails when things get “too tight” – forcing the the two curves to overcome the collider repulsion and pass through one an other. (24.2 KB)


It’s just wow!
I’ve never imagined converting these ropes to curves before and it seems collision between them works really well! Furthermore, it does not stutter anymore!
Thank you for your help!!

Though, I have two more questions.

  1. What should I do what if I want to twist two ropes that have different radius?
    I mean, what if they have different sectional shape, I strongly believe their twisted output will also be different. I guess I must put at least two or more parameters or a list which has differentiated radius to ‘Radii’ of Collider component, but not sure whether it is appropriate approach…

  2. Plus, what should I do to check the twisted ropes’ torison shape output?
    Currently, both start and end points are designated as anchor points, but torison I check in real world seems not occurring even collision works well… Following photo is what I expect as a simulation output…


This thread (pun intended) may help.