Chain hanging and twisting like in real life

is there any way recreate this please? chain hanging from top support point and see how it will react? i dont want it to break , but to just twist like in real life if theres any weight miscalculations please???
i already worked on it but didnt get far , it breaks when i increase the weighting i just want to see it twists like in real life!

i check this post also but i didnt find it to be helpful (85.0 KB)

Please don’t create multiple posts for the same topic.

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i only created one post?

thats a comment i posted on a previous post but i only created one post

You created this topic and replied to another topic with the exact same text…

Also please categorize your topic. This is related to Kangaroo. The category will help that the right people see it.

but that was just a comment ? isnt that fine? couldnt i do that? im just trying to get a quick respond thats why because i need some help urgently? if its not fine i could delete one thanks

I don’t think it’s fine. The way to do it is create a topic and put a link to other topics you already found and looked at. I remembered the other topic and wanted to put the link to that topic as a reply in your topic and then saw your reply in the other topic.

In the worst case it’s a waste of time because two users might reply independently and not be aware of the two inquiries…

okay sorry i ddidnt know how to do it but i did it now! sorry! i fixed it and deleted my comment

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