HELP ME! (transparent components)

Hello guys!
I don’t know why but is not showing the background colors of components.
The printing screen shows how it appears it’s like a transparency background.
How can I come back to the standard color?

Uninstall all chinese grasshopper plugins (:wink: hint: Panda)

Close Rhino! IMPORTANT!

Then go to:

and delete grasshopper_kernel.xml

Restart Rhino+GH (repeat if it persists)

Side note: Next time search the forums before posting, there are like 10-20 similar threads answered.

and delete grasshopper_kernel.xml

isn’t it grasshopper_gui.xml ?

the grasshopper_gui deals with the colors of the canvas, panel, group…

the kernel deals with the components.

Incorrect: Gui is components as well - in terms of display colors/transparency.

Kernel is this:

thank you, guys!

I’ve just deleted ‘dragonflyr6’ and now it’s showing the background color :slight_smile: