Grasshopper Some Components appear blank


I think that I have found a bug in grasshopper. Some components suddenly appear as blank when I’m zooming out or pan.

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It means one of the drawn components is causing an error. You should be able to pan the file around until the offending component goes off screen, that’ll help narrow down which one is causing this.

Are there any messages printed to the Rhino command line history?

Ultimately uploading the file will be the only way for me to potentially find the bug myself, although sadly errors in the display are not particularly repeatable on different systems at the best of times.

Hello David,

Thank you for answering! Here is the file. Nothing is printed in the rhino command line history.

Also when I’m adding new components, the same problem occur to the news components.

(My fiel is a mess :slight_smile: )
Graph Terran (477.7 KB)

I found the bug. It was the graph

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