Help me build a computer dedicated for Rhino / Vray / Keyshot / Photoshop

I understand that the Quadro graphics cards are superior to the Nvidia cards for 3d modeling and rendering, so I can guess I should get one of the top Quadro cards, but I have no clue what to pair it with? I’ve never built a computer and am wondering if it’s wise for me to build one rather than buy one prebuilt.

  • What would you recommend?
  • Build it or buy prebuilt?
  • If build, what components?
  • If buy, where?

Budget is $2300.

Thank you.

Quadro is expensive while the cheaper GTX cards does the job for much less money. GPU isn’t much used while modeling (unless you use Raytraced mode, but even then a fast CPU may do the job). Use GTX for rendering speed and put money in a fast CPU (clock speed tends to give you speed more than cores does) for modelling speed.

// Rolf

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I’d hold out for the GTX 1180 release. You should see deals on 1070/80/titan cards. As well as even better prices on used ones. If you can hold out that long, you might as wait for Ryzen 7 nm as well.