Gpu for labtop

hi im planning to by a new notebook for work…
i think im going to buy a EUROCOM p5 PRO or a RACER 4W
are they recommended?
about the GPU , is the( NVIDIA GTX 965M)*2 a good one?is it better than one QUADRO k2100?

GTX is a gamer card. Using DirectX.
The quadro line is for CAD / 3D content creators. Using OpenGL.
Quadro will be better.

Generally that is true, HOWEVER, Rhino V5 uses OpenGL 2.0 and Shader 1.2. Nvidia is not doing a good job on supporting the old OpenGL specification. The result is for many users, the Quadro is fast but a bit quirky.
For experienced computer users, the Quadro is a good recommendation.
For less savvy users, the GT or GTX cards are slower, but currently better and less quirky.

V6 will require a newer OpenGL specification.

It’s never easy.

Hey John

That is definitely true! However, my Quadros have been surprisingly stable the last few months. No more GPU-induced crashes … the way it should be! Let’s hope it continues.

Not on all things, as per the Holomark thread - mesh performance seems to be better with the GTX cards, actually. —Mitch

If you are a fan of rendering with GPU acceleration using Octane, Vray, Arion, Cycles etc. the GTX line generally has more Cuda cores for the cost as well. I prefer these cards myself but opinions vary greatly.

hi, i have question of GPU again : is the AMD FirePro M6100 a good one for working with rhino and rendering with V-ray or post-productions with adobe suite for a labtop?
can i prefer it to a NVIDIA quadro k2100?

While I can’t speak directly about the AMD Firepro M6100, I do have an AMD Firepro W7000 in my graphics workstation that has worked with reliability and high quality since by original build two years ago. So, as to AMD and their Firepro series of cards, I personally endorse them at least as far as Rhino and Flamingo go. Cheers, Rob

I haven’t been searching deeply yet for the best configuration, but I would like to hear your advices.
I have a Lenovo Y510p with dual GT 750M (SLI). I generally have large files on my viewport with textures, and I can use Neon, V-Ray and Keyshot for rendering. Of course we can’t compete Neon with V-Ray or Keyshot, but the right configuration gives really good results in Neon too.
I know I can only make mesh adjustments for Rhino viewport, but which rendering software/addon is most efficient to use with an SLI GPU?

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