Quadro p3000 or gtx 1070 for Rhino



Hi there We(studio) are in between a laptot with a quadro p3000 and a laptop with a gtx 1070.

Basically we doesn’t make long renders anymore (vray, brazil etc) and we capture frame from the rhino previsualization. Doing that we save a lot of time for our presentations… currently we use a quadro k1000m, and we are happy with the previsualization.

Any advice on wich video card choose for previsualization (take in care also the price)

Thank you


(Kyle Houchens) #2

For me…I’d always go quadro. I know others disagree, but I can’t afford to screw around with anything other than battle proven stuff designed for CAD. my .02.

(Niko Fabricius) #3

What laptop did you eventually go for?