How to apply a sawtooth surface to a vase in Grasshopper

So, I’m still learning. I would like to create a vase form, and apply a “saw-tooth” or “serrated” surface. See photos.

I could use advice on the approach and what elements to use.


Hi Max - I have made many designs like the ones you showed, but mine are not nearly as pretty or artistic. Here are 2 examples:

If you send me your email I’ll be happy to explain how to makes these kinds of things. Basically there are 2 techniques:

  1. Make a star shaped closed curve, stack 10 or so of them vertically, scale them in XY only to get the overall outer shape you want, and then feed them to the Loft function.

  2. For the stick-ons you need to locate points on the surface and then move copies of whatever stick-on you want to those places. In the second example above I used an extruded 7 pointed star that I subtracted (SDiff) from the base shape. How to nicely space things around a curvy shape is a non-trivial process.

Note that making the geometry is only half the job; the second half is getting it to slice properly so it can be printed. Depending on the exact nature of the geometry that can be tricky business.

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This definition has a basic concept of creases of closed surface and smoothed by mesh subdivision. (14.5 KB)


i used my definition of customized pipe to create something like that and you can add more options
and you can change the profile curve (16.4 KB)

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Thank you, I didn’t think of it as a star. I believe I counted 120 divisions. I guess that is still a star:-)

I’m experimenting in 3D printing, and shortly with clay printing.

Thanks Kim!

I will play around with your definition. Looks like what I need:-)

Seghier, Super, I want to just experiment with Parametrics and see what forms I can achieve!

i use part of your definition to modify mine ; Thank you (16.2 KB)

it is a star but you need modify the profile curve