(HELP) Making Polygon (or circle) with vector normal at the specitic points in Grasshopper

Hi, I try to draw polygon at point that extract from surface. However I couldn’t make it out so that I tried a circle by doing ‘evaluate surface’. The problem is that I don’t know why there is two circles came out. Somebody can help me out, please?

Or some can tell me how to draw a circle/polygon with vector normal from specific points, it will be perfect.
Here are the files.27.05.2018_FACADE TRIANGLE STUDY-3.gh (11.6 KB)
rhino.3dm (11.8 MB)

Thanks, KIM

Is this what you want?

27.05.2018_FACADE TRIANGLE STUDY-3_re.gh (8.8 KB)

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How did you do that? I struggled for half days and you solved it in 10 mins !
I owe you again, HS!
So the ‘cull duplicates’ delete the second circle that I had before?

Can we do with polygon , too?

Cull duplicate deletes the doubled vertices. Replace circle with hexagon if you want hexagons

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thank you, TIM