Help in tutorial in Vimeo(complex surfaces)

Got it now!
been using the curve created by dupedge instead of the surface edge curve to make the surface…


I’m doing a tutorial on vimeo, but can’t seem to get it to work for
network surfaces to get a good tangent.

this is the tutorial.

I’m trying to get a networksrf from the two intersecting fillets, but
can’t seem to get the tangent and only positional option is there.
(sorry the UI is in Japanese… the “C” is the point where I’m having problem with)

Attached the data file as well.
Is it problem with way I trimmed the fillet?maybe?tutorial_complex.3dm (308.4 KB)

You will get a much better result creating this y-blend with 2 surfaces. Don’t use network surf either. It will just give you an approximated surface that is unnecessarily dense with almost an immediate tangency fall off.

Hi Stratosfear,

Thank you for your reply.
y-blend… I need to study that one.

how about using rail sweep2?
having hard time getting the surfaces to close…

[is it possible to upload the data, and some commands you used to get the nice blend?]

Got it now.
I’ve been making surface from the dupedge produced the suefaces… (6.7 MB)