Filleting surfaces

OK, here’s one for you. This might explain why I haven’t been able to see normal commands and asking silly questions (but not really :0)

I’m learning surfacing and trying to get my head around building congruent and tangent fillets etc. I’ve been sat here all day trying to make these faces flow with varied fillet radii.

I’ve added a couple of images to help explain what I’m trying to do… My model will be full of examples of how I got to that stage, it’s a bit dirty but I’m getting there!

Please can you explain how I might fillet the curves that come to a sharp point?


Andy (perplexed)

Fillet.pdf (71.6 KB)

Fillet.3dm (250.9 KB)

Looking at it I’m starting to think I could sweep a surface along the bottom and top rails and then boolean a filleted shape out of it…