Help in key shortcuts: Tab and Pop-up

  1. For key shortcuts (assigning shortcut to keyboard keys),
    I would like to set it to change the highlighted tabs, such as viewport, render, surface tool, solid tool etc… using keyboard keys.

-I’d like to assign to programmable key on mouse or keyboard.

  1. Also other thing I’m interested in doing is making a custom pop-up tool bar appear
    similarly using programmable keys. (and pop up right next to the mouse)
    if possible, when command is pressed, making the pop-up to close.
    ->so for each button if there is close pop-up menu, that would also be alright.
    …I just don’t know how to do it, and where to look for tutorials for such customization

I found below which seems one step towards what I want, but this just pops up the tool bar

_ShowToolbar “Cplanes”

I found a solution to the Pop-up question as below.

_PopupToolbar “Cplanes”

Still looking for help in the tab changing