Pop up any toolbar

Hi there!
Quick question: is it possible to pop up any other toolbar other than the “popup toolbar” or even better asign mutliple popup toolbars to different keyboard shortcuts?

thanks konrad

Tip: Create Aliases, example: Alias:xCP Command: '_ShowToolbar “Cplanes”

nice- but it isn’t quite the same as the popup interaction. i would like to press a keyborad shortcut (or alias) and have the toolbar open under the mouse cursor and disappear after a single commant use.

Use the following syntax to have a toolbar popup:

_PopupToolbar "ToolbarName"


Yes! thanks.

Sorry :blush:, as Alias works but bad tip, better an faster if your define keyboard shortcuts, this run’s PopupToolbar command directly, self-contained from command console.

better late than never: many thanks!