Toolbar popup mouse button

Hello everyone
Lately I have to do with 3d studio max, sadly…
My goal is to align the navigation controls of the basis of the two platforms.
Unfortunately I have to adapt to the logic of 3dstudio max.
I wonder if in Rhino you can move the activation of the popup toolbar on the right mouse button
Thank you All

I have my Popup toolbar tied to a key on my xkeys keypad so I can pop it up with my left hand. I use it a lot, so it takes a load off my right hand. You can also tie it to an fkey.

That goal isn’t possible.

In Rhino, the right mouse button is hardwired to do a lot of other things. like Pan/Rotate, Enter, and open a context menu.

As James says, you can assign a macro to a function key in Options > Keyboard
The macro would be:

! -showtoolbar default.popup

Thank you guys,
would be nice to also assign a macro to close the window, there is a command?

thanks john for that bit of info on the command. i have a logitech m560 mouse with no middle mouse button. there is a button below the scroll wheel but you cant assign a middle mouse button setting to it so i set up your macro to the f4 key then assigned an f4 keystroke to that button on the mouse.