Grasshopper in rhino.inside stopped working

Dear All,
I have problem to open Grasshopper file which includes Rhino.Inside and Ladybug components.
Firstly when I have opened Revit I have received information:”System.NullReferenceException”
I’ve checked the journal.txt file – the last part with error I’m sending below.

Despite of the above message I’ve managed to open Revit. Still, when trying to open an existing GH file which includes Rhino.Inside and Ladybug components I have received the next error.

After pressing Retry button I have received information from Visual Studio – the printscreen of the message I have pasted below:

At the beginning when I have chosen Ignore button the file was starting to open, but now it’s not working even after press the Ignore button.

I suppose that the problems with Revit and also with GH started when I have cloned github Rhino.Inside repository but I’m not sure. I will appreciate any help.

Lots going on here, thanks for reporting. I will get it out to the Dev team and see what we can resolve.

I suppose that I have two separate problems:

1.System.NullReferenceException, please note that I have installed all Rhino.Inside updates.

  1. Problem with VisualStudio Debuging

I have noticed that when trying to open any GH files I was receiving the error below but after chosing Ignore button the files were starting to open. I suppose that the problems started when I have cloned github Rhino.Inside repository.

But now I have a huge problem because I’ve received the new information (see below) which completely prevents to open specific GH file. I suppose it has happened after I have added the Link documents component to the file.

Second error_which block grasshopper

I will really appreciate any help because it is GH file/project, on which I was working on for a few months and now I couldn’t it opened.

AnnaAN, Like you said, there are few issues going on here. The development team is going to have more insight into the particulars and are probably going to have some questions to try and narrow these down.

Personally i’m not familiar with LadyBug or the errors you are showing.

One thing that is concerning is the assembly location. Is this installed on your one-drive?

Yes, it is. Do you think this is the reason at least part of the problems?

Hi @AnnaAN,

I’ve added more info to those error dialogs.

Do you mind pulling from the repo to the latest and see if we have a problem with the assembly path and with the casting operator for VisibleInViewFilter.


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After long break I was coming back to clone and build Github Rhino.Inside.Repository and after that when I have tried to open gh file in Rhino.Inside from Revit level I’ve received the error:

When I debug I have received the message about wrong IronPython.dll location.

I would like to mention that I’m using Ladybug and Rhino.Inside components in my project and after running Ladybug components the most components (Rhino.Inside,Ladybug,Grasshopper) are inactive (see below).

Any suggestion how to resolve the problem with two different location of the assembly path?
I will appreciate very much.