Help! Got a problem in 'sweep 1 rail'

Hi guys!

I’ve just started to use Rhino. I try to make a snack ring mould, but it is distorted after I clicked ‘sweep 1 rail’. It’d be helpful if you could take a look at it and point out where I need to make adjustments.
snack ring.3dm (3.2 MB)

Hello - please post a file with just the curves you want to use - there are multiples piled on top of one another in the file as is. But, once you get that sorted, setting the seam points and curve direction consistently from one cross section to the next is going to be key.


Thanks for your reply! the curves in the file are what I want to use, and connecting them all together is a snake. But there’s a problem when I join them.

Hello - I see something like this at every curve:

I cannot tell which ones you want to use…
But it looks like getting the curve directions lined up is what you need to sort out.