Help! Got a problem in 'sweep 1 rail'

Hi guys!

I’ve just started to use Rhino. I try to make a snack ring mould, but it is distorted after I clicked ‘sweep 1 rail’. It’d be helpful if you could take a look at it and point out where I need to make adjustments. :wink:
snack ring.3dm (3.3 MB)

use the option natural for intance, the last three arrows here on the left upper corner you have to move to the other side and use the option flip to flip them. it then works.

the magic is that they all are aligned that the flow keeps the same.

edit: oh and if you dont rebuild the curve non uniform which i would suggest then you have to flip the firs arrow either.

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Thanks for your reply! I’ve just started using this software, and your solution is absolutely effective, but I don’t know how to operate it correctly. Can you record a video for me if it’s convenient or edits my manuscript?