LF Tools and Plug Ins for FEA/FEM/Structural Analysis

I’m relatively new to Rhino, Grasshopper, and parametric design in general.

I’m looking for programs or plug ins to evaluate the structural integrity of a part that I’ve made. I’ve heard there was a way to do this using Kangaroo but have had no luck so far. I also saw a reference for Scan & Solve, but would like to use a cheaper, ideally free, software for this project.

Are there any tools that match what I am looking for, and if there is a way to do this using Kangaroo could someone point me in the right direction?


Have a look at millipede and Karmba.
Karamba has also a free version if I remember right.

You can take a look at K2Engineering; https://github.com/CecilieBrandt/K2Engineering/releases
It is an extension of K2 for structural analysis and is open source.

When you say ‘evaluate the structural integrity of a part’, is it a complex shaped solid object made of a single material?
or is it something you can simplify as a set of connected line segments? (like you might with the steel frame of a building for example)

The main piece is a single solid part (a network of connected beams), the complete part is the network of beams sandwiched between two solid plates of a different material, which will all be welded together to form a single part.

This is Beta WIP but looks really great , inside grashopper and rhino
linear and non linear FEA