Help for beginners. Sphere exploded voronoi

hello to you all,

sorry to disturb you in this end of year, but I would need your help.

Indeed I would like to apply this line on a sphere in order to make a kind of sphere which cracks and which explodes towards outside in a precise point.

Except that I’m looking for and I can’t find how to do it.

I’m still a beginner, but I’m starting to get the hang of it.

Thanks again to all of you.

glass septiongg v2(2).gh (28.4 KB)

it is better to include some references of previous work.

Here I reuse the pattern of fragmentation you have in your script. I scaled it in a unit square using Rhinoceros. It could be better if the initial shape was a square rather than a rectangle. But whatever.
Depending of what you want you can scale more of less …

In order to have a portion of sphere I reuse a script from here

With very few components you could have the glass parts.

sphere_remap_UV2 galss (27.0 KB)

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Well … I have a “similar” thing but is done solely via C# code (thus it may be useless to you … unless you want to walk the right walk).

It recursively splits randomly any valid Brep and then it moves the pieces away from the collection centroid (user controls the speed) while it also moves the pieces towards an attractor (user also controls the speed). This means that the pieces may (or may not) reach the attractor … depending on the aggregate speed (as the sum of 2 Vectors).

Here’s 2 simple demos (with or without random rotation).

Notify is you have plans to join the C# club.