Help! creating this amazing ceiling with grasshopper

greetings to all, can someone please help me do this design in Grasshopper It is for ceiling design I have tried Kangaroo 2 but I failed
I have attached a rhino file for the surface of the ceiling and the picture of the design I want
thank you all for your helping hands.

sheet dezign2.3dm (86.9 KB) (20.0 KB)


@adel.albloushi thank you for your time but this was exactly my first attempt but it keeps getting out of the boundary and keeps crashing

Is @DanielPiker 's gh working for you? It’s pretty much the same approach

@adel.albloushi no it says am missing a plugin i dont know which one tho

When you open the file, you should get a pop-up that tells you which plugins are missing. You should be able to download almost all of them either via food4rhino or the package manager.

@DanielPiker hey thank you so much for your help but file wont open missing a plugin

I wish you could hear the sound of my brain crackling in pleasure while watching this

@kidus_firew please send a screenshot of the error you get when opening the file

I got the same error, stating a shapediver component was missing, but you don’t actually need that as the components looks like running just fine