Help! Animation with Bongo and Grasshopper

I am stuck here: I have a Rhino7/Grasshopper file that needs to be animated with Bongo2.

The problem is that Bongo doesn’t “wait” for Grasshopper to apply the changes (takes a couple of seconds) and just renders the viewport frame by frame without the Grasshopper adjustments.

Can someone help me out here? Many thanks in advance!

It isn’t possible to animate a Grasshopper definition with Bongo 2. Bongo can’t wait for Grasshopper to update since Bongo isn’t aware Grasshopper has changes. How are you animating your definition when Bongos timeline changes?

Thanks for your response Joshua, that’s good to know.

Have a look at the screenshot below. Grasshopper doesn’t manipulate the Rhino-polylines in my file but just adds an underlaying layer. I would like to manually animate the single furniture pieces. Bongo’s keyframing function comes in handy here, and I haven’t found any suitable grasshopper workaround to animate that many single elements…