BONGO - Bongo .NET API accessible from GrassHopper needed

No, I don’t get it. Having such powerful tools in the Rhino tool box, but not being able to use them.

I would desperately need to access Bongo from GrassHopper to automagically configure and start Bongo Animations.

Feedback Status
Once an animation has been started, I would like to read object feedbacks (status of positions, angles, or just the current Bongo-feed values, or as Transforms, or whatever useful data format) during animations at Bongo time ticks or with feedback events with current “time slice” parameter included.

GrassHopper Components?
If not a complete API, then at least a few GrassHopper components with in-ports resembling essentially the same properties as the current User Dialogs/Panels.

A C++ API is over my capability (I’m new even to .NET/C# but that isn’t a very big deal and after a few weeks I’m doing quite well with GH component development in VS, C# or VB.NET).

.NET Wrapper?
BTW, isn’t it fairly trivial to create wrappers around C++ code (if one knows the code base and involved languages quite well?).

I’m prepared to take the pain of testing it for a couple of months to go. I would consider including it in a (potentially) commercial software solution based on Rhino/GrassHopper (+Bongo?) if you would just give me a pathway forward based on GrassHopper/.NET.

Other Animation Options?
I guess another option would be using Kangaroo (or are there additional pragmatic options for creating animations with GH?) but I really think that using Bongo would be the right/perfect “abstraction level” since one would not have to fiddle with driving the animation, just defining its constraints and off you go.

Please consider. Is there anything I can do myself to make this happen? I can work under NDAs, but unfortunately I’ve never dealt with C++ so perhaps not… ?

Or, is there any C++ experts out there which could think of making some GrassBongo components to make Bongo accessible from GrassHopper? (starting from Gh 0.9.0076).

// Rolf