Help a Cat! ...Image sampler to line block array?


How do i sort the info from image sampler and create a 3 tier output to populate 3 types
of set parameters ?

Im trying to automate image sampler to make a “lines effect”.
but goal is for the line to be build with only 3 rectangles thickness options types (on X dimesion).
And with sliders to control tolerances for which dimensions range is = thin/mid/thick.

thin = 1in, medium= 2in, thickest= 3".
Currently the X thickness of rectangles is whatever image sampler outputs…

Cat image sampler extrudes (341.3 KB)

Can’t hug every cat… But try this.

GHDisc_Cat image sampler extrudes (343.6 KB)


i dont have the “route” object, could you share a .gh without using it ?
tried different alternate wiring like this. is this the same result ?

The results at 1,2,3 with count 3 comes out with over laps

Anyways, this gets me a bit closer.
the 1,2,3, is great.
what im missing (besides the ‘route’ object) is a method to control the range for 1,2,3.
meaning, how to take the image sampler list of 0.001-1 numbers and splice it into 3 domains.
with a thershold of range. like
if 0 to 0.3 = gets thin1"
if 0.31 to 0.7 = gets medium 2" thickness
if 0.71 to 1.0 = gets thick 3"
i just dont know the objects for that