Image Sampler - Line With Thickness

Hi All,

I am trying to figure out this added step to image sampler component and I just cannot seem to piece it together. From what I understand, if I achieve the result of an image sample coming out as circles, there should be a way to join the centerlines of the circles with a line and then - based on either brightness or circle radius - connect that line tangentially to the edges of the circle, creating a line of varying width. Please see the attached image as an example of what exactly I am trying to achieve (image source: HandleBar 3D):

Unfortunately I have no code or script available for anybody to reference, but I am hoping that someone understands my intention well enough, coupled with the image, to help me out.

Any feedback is much appreciated! I am looking forward to your responses.

There are tons of examples

Hi Laurent,

Thanks so very much for your response. As I posted I thought to do a bit more digging but I quickly realized that the way I was wording it was the problem! I managed to find some examples including the one that you shared. That led me down a rabbit hole of finding all the pieces I needed; it was just a matter of how I worded what I was searching for.

Thanks again!