Hello guys i have been trying to create something like

hello guys i have been trying to create something like this but im stuck,any ideas please?

please post the GH file with your progress: if you’re stuck at a particular point you’ll for sure get more help :slight_smile:

thats the thing i iddnt know how to start

Maybe aim to:

  1. Create a polysurface to represent the volume you wish to fill.
  2. Create contours from the polysurface. Parameterize the start level and the interval.
  3. Extrude the contours vertically to create ribbon surfaces. Parameterize the step height.
  4. Offset the ribbons horizontally with the solid option to create steps. Parameterize the offset distance.

Then adjust the polysurface and the parameters to get the effect you want. Expect this to take days if you are working on a real architectural project rather than a simplistic exercise.

In the process of refining your model you may wish to make the parameterization more sophisticated,
but don’t try to do that at the start. Getting results quickly will help you understand how to add sophistication - that will be easier than working in a conceptual vacuum.


There are many publications with thinks similar, try to search with the keyword you will find in these link.

But first thing as said by @jeremy5 is to make a geometry. If you can’t do that you’ll have to learn the basics.


thanks guys i did it !!