Helicoid with hole

HI i’d like make attached thing

when i do with spiral after punching hole, it wont be the same
At the attached thing, the hole seems to be under the purple floor

slope should be adjusted by tspline?

Or anyone can make that stuff using formula by grasshopper… ect please notify

Hello Mr, Ms Intrinsic5,
you made many posts on the same subject.

It is not clear what you want. You say you want to “make”, you gives some references, in one of this reference there is a geometry of Costa surface in OBJ format. SO you gave the answer. Why not using this OBJ ?
Can you explain a bit more what you are after ?
Try to put the good words
You want a Brep, a Mesh (triangular, quad …) You want to 3d print it after some transformation … What transformations …

There are tons of examples on forum like this one, www.grasshopper3d.com

I’m sorry if i confuse you
Though it may look like the same kind
It was not the same thing, so I posted it separately.

i’m architecture student and i’m serching for a unit

i got costa surface obj but i need transform a thickness of Column or size of the hole etc…So i need it by grasshopper script

i dont care if it is brep or mesh

i’ve serching these thing but something is too old to download and something doesnt serched

Most of the surface you want are the same, dig a bit in the scripts.They are not too old. For sure equations are still valid ! They began to work at the beginning of the universe :yum:
See these threads

Check, test and come back with a script and the part you don’t manage to do.

Distorted Helix.3dm (207.9 KB)

Method to create distorted helical surface in Rhino.

First create an undistorted surface.
Helix for helical curve which will be inner edge of surface
Helix for helical curve which will be outer edge of surface
The axis need to coincide and be the same length.
The number of turns/pitch needs to be the same.
Radius is different.
Orientation of the starting point of the helix can be different.
Loft between the curves to create the undistorted surface.
If a different shape is desired try rotating one edge curve about the helix axis and use Loft again.

Distort the surface.
Cage with BoundingBox option.
Number of x points and y points = 2. Number of z points = 3 or more. (I used 4 z points.)
CageEdit the helical surface using the Cage as the control object.
Move sets of four points with the same z elevation together to keep the helix “circular”.