Costa surface by grasshopper

Hi i’d like to make costa surface like attached image421fd275c4944660855c335dc10447cc--science-images-math-art

Does it have to be made with Python?

attach some link may it help

Other than Daniel’s stuff:


PS: I have somewhere a C# that does this … but is made years ago and I barely can recall where is it (workstation, directory etc etc).


I think the easiest way is the sub-d approach. But if it is the best solution depends what you want to do with it. Of course you can also make Costa’s Surface from a single NURBS srf but that’s more tricky.

In my workstations? LOL

BTW: Found about 20 freaky things none of them is a Costa (Karma, what else?) . Here’s some. Notify if you need any.


where these come from?
did you made all by yourself?


In general given any equation … the rest are rather easy (in some cases you need checks for NaN and the likes).

BTW: These are a good intro on min surf matters:

minimal_surfaces.pdf (1.2 MB)

minimal_surfaces2.pdf (3.5 MB)

BTW: Found some 10 more in another workstation but none is a Kosta (maybe is deleted and/or is lost due to the traditional annual system crash (happens around August every year)).