Heighfield surface to JPG?

I’ve created a topographical surface in rhino, and I want to produce a .jpg black/white height map from this.
Is there a way to do this through either rhino or a somewhat simple grasshopper definition?




Is screen resolution is enough, you may try ShowZBuffer command in Top view.
(AFAIK hi-res viewscaptures will not work well with that method).



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Rendering a topview and in the Render window press the button to show zdepth. Than save a height image.
I’m on my phone so let me know if this does not make any sense. I’ll elaborate tomorrow when on my laptop again.


I tried the online help to find info on the render window and it’s layout but to no avail. At least not via linkage in the topic about rendering. Thanks Willem

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I got it to work with the Rhino Renderer>Show Distance Channel

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