Heat Map With Points Only

My goal is creating a heat map with the points and corresponding value. In the example attached. the population is the points and corresponding value is the length of that point as a vector. But the catch is: I don’t want to use the surface element to create the heat map, just the points, because surface elements in my original script is extremely huge. M
y workflow is: Populate points on the huge surface based on the number I want, calculate the value based on some equations, and create a heat map using the value I calculate.
Thanks for all the help, in advance!
Colouring Trial.gh (6.4 KB)

you can look at that

I am not sure if it is relevant, but thanks!

I think it is !

Edit : added picture, and changed a problem with the Mesh :smiley:

Colouring Trial.gh (12.3 KB)


Colouring Trial.gh (11.1 KB)

@magicteddy it could be good you post image of your script.

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