Surface Heat Map on Grasshopper

Hi! A newbie here.

I have started working on Grasshopper using a task that I wanted to do for a long time. Here, I have draw the heat map based on a formula that depends on the lateral distance of curve to a surface point and depth. However, I have couple of to-dos that I haven’t been able to do. Here is the list:

  1. Export custom preview to DWG (and/or kmz, later on to Revit maybe).
    I haven,t been able to find a proper way to export. When I bake the custom preview and export, I can only get the rectangles, not the colours.

  2. Legend. I want to create a legend, but I couldn’t find a way.

  3. Deformed Mesh. I would like to create a new surface that deforms in z direction by the amount that I calculated (the one that I used to draw the heat map)
    (Haven’t worked on it a lot, so you may skip)

  4. Are there anything you see to improve such as rookie mistakes?

Thanks a lot for any help.
Question.3dm (47.3 KB) (12.1 KB) (13.7 KB)


You are great!

One question: Why did you want to convert to mesh? The reasons I can see, it is much faster with mesh. However, the squares that I used was also good for low number of divisions.

The main reason is that you can easily store color in mesh.