Mesh colours

Hello there
how can I made this ? I try do it by colours mesh and RGB component but I not know what i do exactly.
please help me


in order to get help it will be better if you post a file with some data embedded.

A version to put dots on a mesh
color dots on (16.5 KB)

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Thank you very much.

You can also blur the colors but I am not very happy with this one.
I added a C# to calculate the colors, it is a bit faster.

color dots on mesh (17.8 KB)


Yes, this is exactly what I wanted.
Thank you.

And a fastest version
color dots on mesh (17.1 KB)



Thank you very much for your help
My goal is to change the square mesh based on the color of the circular meshes.

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You just have to plug your mesh, color and point !! (21.5 KB)

And when you are happy with the result, change the resolution of you mesh.


Im really thankful.

Very nice and you so professional.

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