Having Trouble with Setting and Baking Light Class Properties

I’m having trouble baking out some of the Light Class Properties after creating lights in a Grasshopper C# script.

private void RunScript(bool bake, Plane Plane, double Angle, double Intensity, ref object Lights)

    Light spotLight = new Light();
    spotLight.LightStyle = LightStyle.WorldSpot;

    double angl = Angle;
    double intense = Intensity;
    Vector3d normVec = new Vector3d(Plane.Normal);
    spotLight.Location = Plane.Origin;
    spotLight.Direction = normVec;
    spotLight.SpotAngleRadians = angl;
    spotLight.Intensity = intense;
    spotLight.ShadowIntensity = intense;

    Lights = spotLight;

    if (bake){

I have no problem with setting Direction, Location and SpotAngleRadians…these Bake just fine. However, Intensity and Shadow Intensity do not bake with the Lights. Those two properties remain at the default values in Rhino.

I think I’m missing a key understanding of how to set Object Properties during the Bake command.

Any help would be great!