Having Trouble with MatchSrf Command

(Rhino 7, Windows 10)

I’m messing with the MatchSrf command to see what I can get it to do, and I ran into a little trouble. I can run the command, get it to look great in the preview (Step 2), but after I click OK, it reverts to how it looks in Step 1 (my starting point). It simply won’t apply my settings. Or in some cases, it applies the changes to one half, but not the other. The halves are not joined, in case that is important to know.

I’ve attached the Rhino file in case anyone wants to examine it.

Match Srf Test.3dm (162.6 KB)

the surfaces are somehow embedded in history.

turn of history
for the object to forget their making of.
_explode the surfaces to change from _extrusion to _surface

_matchSrf without history should do the job


Thanks Tom, that did the trick.

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