MatchSrf Broken?

sysinfo.txt (2.0 KB)
weird_match_srf.3dm (216.7 KB) (1)

Hi all,

I’ve noticed this today during a session. It’s really weird. The edge to match to, kind of automatically chains the selection with even prompting ChainEdges. But even more weirdly, it forces me into a corner and then doesn’t even do the match.

Even weirder? It seems to be on a time delay. If I select the edge to match to too soon, it does the odd chain. If I give Rhino a second for a breather, it correctly selects just one surface edge.

Hello - seems OK here so far - are you running MatchSrf from a macro?


Yeah I’ve tried again on my personal computer and I can’t replicate it. It happened in few different places ina file too.

Yeah the macro I use is MS.