Have multiple domains connected to eachother


I have a question. I want to have mutiple lines above the other lines, but i want to have the domains start after the first domain, otherwise there will be multiple lines. Is there any solution for this? SO for example: I want two lines on top of the two first ones, but after the two i want to have a break of three lines and after that i want two lines above the the next following line. But i want to change it whenever i want. So that its not always an standard value.
LinesTest.gh (9.4 KB)

To recap, you have a base layer of arrayed vertical line segments, and you want to create more layers on top, but with certain lines removed from each layer. And per layer you want to control the yes/no pattern?

Yes, exactly.

LinesTest.gh (25.7 KB)

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Thanks a lot!

Hi David, i have one more question. now i made what i needed but i want that a line (beam) goes through every end point, but that it is possible to choose where the lines need to come between every vertical line. Example:

On the second row a line needs to be between the first three lines, after that it needs to stop and continue at the 7th line till the end. Its kind of the same way what i want with the vertical lines but then lines between the end points. Now i made it with copy and paste and the domain but i think it could be more easy without many components.LinesTest.gh (22.5 KB)