Connect subdivision points whose order number is the same

Hi everyone!
I divided curves with different lengths, growing towards the ends by the same amount in z. Now I want to connect them as in the image. The number of curves that I have per row changes, generating the connection x, and changing by narrowing the connection distance to the ends.
The most important thing is that even if I change the amount of row of curves, the structure does not break as it happens in the grasshopper that I climbed.
Thank you very much and greetings!01_sort%20points 02_connect%20in%20this%20way 03_connect%20in%20this%20way

Make polylines into points in the same number (209.9 KB) Make polylines into points in the same number (55.8 KB)


you can check attached… (69.2 KB)


wow, thanks!
I have only one problem. When i move the slider and have more curves, it fails and I think that it´s because of the domain that you connect to the component “includes” which doesn’t change (because is a panel). How can I change that domain ?
thank you again!

Well, if you will always have same 0-1-2-point-triplets then you can do it like this and skip using doamins at all.

My intention with using domains was to make more general solution without taking care of data structure.
If you want to make domain first you have to check what Z-values you have with Create Set, then manually construct domains according to preferable rule.

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Perfect, thank you very much!