Hatching does not appear on print layout

Hi, I am trying to print a master plan where different shapes are hatched, however when I set up the print layout the hatching doesnt appear

Cant understand why?

please see the attached photos

First thing I would check is to make sure the layer is turned on for the detail. Click on the detail in the layout and then look at the layer properties.

Hi, yeah I just tried turning all the light bulbs on but it made no difference


Just a guess you may also check the hatch scale. If it’s set large enough they won’t show. I tend to scale up the patterns individually and don’t use the global hatch scaling.

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cormac, do you want to upload a crop from your file so we can take a look/try to reproduce? I’d say best way would be to save a copy then delete most of the file except for that area of interest.

Yep that seems to of solved it, the enable hatch scaling box was checked. Honestly can’t thank you enough!!

cheers carvecream for the offer :smiley:

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Changed my life :smiley: Thanks!!