Bug: modelspace hatch scaling

There seems to be a problem with modelspace hatch scaling as this option also scales hatches placed in paperspace / layout. I guess this a malfunction right?

Not really. Anything “living” in model space that is scaled also scales in layout space. Layouts are just “windows” into model space. If you need hatches not to scale in layout space, you need to add them in layout space.


Well that’s exactly what I did. Added them directly in layout space and not in model space. They still scale though. So must be a bug.

True when you enable model space hatch scaling via Document Properties>Annotations and give it a scale other than 1.0, it scales all the hatches in the document, including those in layout space. @mary Intended behavoir? If so it should be called “global hatch scaling” and not “model space hatch scaling”.

Otoh, scaling hatches in model or layout space via Properties seem semi-independent. I say semi, because I do see some funny inconsistencies depending on when I apply the model space scaling and when I apply scaling via properties. I guess this should also be looked at. I don’t see any open bug reports on hatches for the moment.