Hatch patterns in blocks not updating in layout

I’m having trouble updating the displayed hatch (contained in a block) in a layout.

I created a block that contains a hatch pattern and then created a layout view. When I printed the layout, I decided the block pattern scale was too small, so I edited the block in the model and changed the hatch pattern scale. When I open the layout viewport, the displayed hatch pattern is still the original scale. It does not update. Unable to figure out how to update the layout, I deleted the entire layout and created a new layout, inserted the detail, and notice that the hatch pattern still is displayed in the original scale. The model viewport displays one scale, the layout viewport displays the original hatch scale. No matter what I try, I cannot get the hatch pattern, which looks just fine in the model viewport, to update and display in the layout viewport with the same scale. In the layout viewport, the hatch pattern scale always appears to be the same scale as I originally created it inside the block. I’ve tried modifying it several times to different scales in the model, but the viewport will not update.

How do I force the layout to update? I can draw lines, insert other blocks into the model, and they appear just fine in the layout. But I am unable to change the hatch pattern scale inside my blocks in the model view and get that to update in my layout.

I’m sure I’ve made changes like this in the past and I’ve never seen this behavior.

I’m using Rhino 7, updated to the latest release.

Any advice? Thanks,

Here’s a very simple example file that demonstrates the bug. The “test” tab is a layout of the top model view. Notice it doesn’t show the block hatch pattern correctly. Change the hatch pattern in the block, and it will not update in the “test” layout view.

test.3dm (37.0 KB)

After playing around with the model, I discovered the hatch scaling feature under hatch properties. Unchecking the box (i.e., do not scale) fixed the problem.