Hatch patterns for walls in elevation

Is it possible to apply a hatch pattern to a wall so it will show up in elevation? I would like to show the different materials in my elevation with hatches.

Unlike the section hatch, I don’t think its currently available as part of a wall type.

What I typically do is create another sub-layer in the ‘Walls’ layer category and call it “Walls-Pattern”. Then, using ‘DupFaceBorder’ you can select the face of the wall and get the curves out of it (including openings) followed immediately by the ‘Hatch’ command. I then immediately delete the face border curves so the linetypes don’t conflict with the underlying wall boundaries.

Its not the most elegant solution in the world, ideally this would all be handled as part of the wall type just like the section hatch. A big part of that wishlist item would include the ability to also control the basepoint location of the hatch so that you can maintain careful alignment across multiple walls.

For the hatches themselves, @SamPage made a great hatch maker tool you should check out.

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Great, thanks! That is a good work around for now

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